Exercises for Pregnant Women

It is healthy to go for pregnant women to opt for exercises during their pregnancy. The idea is to remain active and thereby benefit from this. Though it is not advisable to go for heavy exercises yet simple and effective exercises are necessary for pregnant women. Before going for any kind of exercises do consult your doctor or any other health assistant about this. The kind of exercises a pregnant woman can do will depend on the level of fitness they enjoy. It is also a medically proven fact that working out helps a lady to have a safe pregnancy.

A Leisurely Walk

Preg Walking

A simple and leisurely walk at a comfortable pace is highly recommended. It lifts your mood and eases the muscular stress and strains. Wear a pair of comfortable walking shoes and take a stroll whenever you feel like. Early morning walk is recommended and if it is not possible, then a late afternoon walk will also work wonders.


Preg swimming

Swimming is another very good exercise for a pregnant lady. It strengthens the muscles of legs and arms and also exercises the heart and lungs. The swelling in the legs associated with pregnancy also subsides if one swims regularly.


Pregnant stretching

Gentle stretching exercises are also quite beneficial for pregnant women. This exercise keeps the body supple and relieves the pregnant lady of body aches and pains. Do these exercises slowly and never force yourself to achieve the perfect position. Do this under the supervision of an instructor.

Shoulder Raise

Preg shoulder raises

Shoulder raise exercises relieve the shoulder muscles of stiffness. It also strengthens the muscles of upper arms. Sit comfortable in a chair with feet firmly planted on floor. Stretch your arms to the sides and slowly lift them to shoulder height. Now hold both the arms in that position for a few seconds. Slowly bring the arms down to the starting position.

Side Leg Lifts

Pregnancy Legs Side Lifts

Lie on the floor on your left side. Your upper body should be supported by the left arm. Now slowly lift your right leg sideways as high as possible. Bring it down slowly to the normal position. Do it for 5 times for each side.



Low impact aerobics are quite good exercises for a pregnant woman. It is best to do such exercises under a trainer’s supervision. He/she should know the amount of exercises you ought to do and can guide you effectively. Doing it in a group also will help you to relax and enjoy the session.

                    All the exercises outlined above are simple to do. It is always best to take the advice of your doctor and preferably do it under some one’s supervision. Never try to overdo any of these. Common ailments like constipation, backaches and joint aches which are associated with pregnancy can be thwarted with these exercises. It alleviates your mood and helps you to relax. These exercises quicken the blood flow to the skin and thereby give a natural glow to it. It becomes easy to regain the pre-pregnancy figure after the child birth. To have a safe and stress free child birth opt for exercises during pregnancy.

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