General Fitness Routine – Know the Basics

Fitness enthusiasts opt for body building exercises to gain the body they dream and desire but a general fitness routine has to be planned and followed thoroughly to be active all day and be full of energy apart from building a great body. Exercise is more about remaining healthy than being a hunk. What is required is a disciplined lifestyle and some best general fitness workouts that can be done without leaving the comfort of the home so that the body get s into shape and looks good. A good idea is to take up any outdoor sports activity which we love. This way, we can play our favorite game yet do not feel that we are out there for some exercise. Playing in a group is more enjoyable as we develop new friends and have fun. Read on to know the basics of fitness routine for beginners.

Cardio Workouts

cardio workout

Cardio workouts boost your metabolism and help you get in shape in addition to getting your heart pumping. Home cardio workouts including jump rope circuits, burpees, jumping jacks and squat jumps help you reach your fitness goals and with the help of a trainer, they can be done even more precisely to reap maximum benefits. It is also good to pick just one cardio exercise and do it regularly. Be it running, biking or treadmills include one exercise for your overall health benefit. Start with a 10 minute regime and then slowly build it up and increase the speed and the time simultaneously.

Compound Movements

compound workouts

This is done to make the joints of legs and arms more flexible. Pick one such exercise program and do it regularly to have good results. Choose those exercises where you can work on compound movements as they help you to work on two different joints as opposed to a single joint. Going for bench press is a good idea as it works on both the elbow joints simultaneously. Squats and dead lifts are also two good exercises for compound joints.

Lifting Weights

weight training

This is another exercise program that does wonders for your muscles. Pick up a pair of dumbbells and start exercising to have those perfect triceps. Learn about the form though before you begin to do dumbbell exercises as it is good to have some helpful suggestions from peers when it comes to weight training. Gradually increase the weight and increase the number of reps but do keep a watch on the weight that you are using so that you can handle it comfortably.



It is another form of good exercise that corrects your posture and makes the muscles firm yet supple. Stretching exercises must happen after you have done a run or jog because your body is already warm and stretching becomes more effective else it will result in muscle pull.

These simple exercises can make you fit and healthy if done regularly following some simple rules. Choose a time when you can give at least 30 to 45 minutes to your exercise. Early morning is the best time to do this. Doing a proper warm up exercise before you take up any of these exercises always gives better results as is with performing some yoga poses. Warm up exercises like a short jog will boost your energy and revamp making you ready for more harder longer and heavier exercises like lifting weights or an HIIT.

Speaking to your trainer, if you have a personal trainer or at gym, before taking up exercises is always advised. Remember that no matter how harder or longer you spend in the gym, you’ll not be able to reach your goals quickly unless the exercise regime it is supported by a good diet. So talk to a dietician who can help you in this regard. Above all, remain disciplined and do not give up if you do not see positive results immediately. It takes time for results to show up and, in any case, exercises will help you remain fit.

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