Pilates for Beginners

Who would not like a perfectly shaped body that has good strength! Everyone craves to have strengthened muscles, endurance in all the body parts and amazing flexibility. To add up to the charismatic personality of men and women, Pilates is a fitness science conceived in early 20th century by physical culturist and fitness expert Joseph Pilate. It gained immense popularity in Germany, United Kingdom, and the United States. Pilates is a German word which means control. Pilates is a technique where a good control is established on the body. If Pilates routine is properly followed it provided an alluring body conditioning strengthening all the muscles and providing alignment to the pelvic area and the spine. It also includes breath control and uniformity in the breath. It improves the coordination between the muscles and also develops the core of your body making it strong.


Principles of Pilates

Pilate technique follows certain principles listed as below:


This includes physically focusing on the area between the pubic bone and lower ribs which are considered to be the center or powerhouse of a human body. All the exercises in Pilates are sourced from this powerhouse.


Pilates believes that if any exercise is done with proper and full concentration, it yields maximum benefits. Hence, 100% commitment is anticipated while performing Pilate exercise.


In Pilates, all the muscles are kept under control and none is left on its own alignment. This helps in developing a good control in every action taken by the body.


The Pilate is done with accurate precision and there is a specific position set for every body part. This precision is also used in setting the appropriate alignment and trajectory for every body part.


All the Pilate exercises are coordinated with proper breathing. The inventor Joseph Pilate insists the lungs to be considered as bellows. Using the lungs to strongly establish a proper breathing rhythm is essential in Pilates.


By this principle, an essential flow is anticipated to be established between all the body movements while performing the Pilate exercise. This ensures proper co-ordination between all the body parts and efficiency in movement.

Benefits of Pilates

  • Because of the proper and monitored breathing and movement of all the parts o the body in right co-ordination, Pilates proves to be an amazing and rejuvenating workout. The qualitative difference can be observed in all the body movements when working out in Pilate style.
  • Because of the powerhouse principle, it is possible to strengthen the spine and back and is best suited as a treatment to lower back pain.
  • The abdomen loses out all the fat and you can get a flat one despite having strong cores. An ideal one isn’t it!
  • The Pilates enhance your body movements with flexibility like never before and you earn lean and long muscles with astonishing body balance.
  • Pilates improves the overall performance and is best suited for sports persons.
  • It provides even conditioning to the body and helps to heal the body after injuries. It is one of the most recommended convalescent exercises.
  • It is an overall physical and mental therapy one should try to have a perfectly healthy body.

Safety and Precautions while performing Pilates

  • As Pilate includes vigorous body movements, it should be always performed carefully to avoid any mishap leading to muscular pain.
  • It should be always performed under professional guidance.
  • The Pilate apparatus should be well checked and calibrated time to time.
  • The instructor should be always made aware of the current physical condition of the performer.
  • Special care should be taken and certain exercises should be avoided during pregnancy or after childbirth.
  • Specific issues with the body should be discussed prior to starting the workout and proper remedial exercises should be carried out.
  • The workout should be teamed up with a balanced diet to enhance its effects.

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