10 Best Pilates Home Gym Products

We all know that a lot goes into building a balanced and fit body and exercise equipment has a major role to play in deciding how we transform our body through fitness exercises. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or fitness professional, we need the right kind of fitness equipment to live in a better and healthier way. Mind-body balance, core stability or core stability are the keys to a healthy lifestyle achieved through mindful exercises and Pilates. But to do it right, you need the right kind of equipment. While many of the Pilates exercises are body-weight or stretching exercises, pairing this fitness routine with the right equipment can create a toned and gracious body.

1. Aero Pilates Arc

Aero pilates arc

The Aero Pilates Arc offers gentle padded curve that one can use to either decrease or increase resistance while performing Pilates exercises. It offers assistance and support for beginners. As for the more experienced, it offers challenges to further enhance the tone and grace.

2. Steel Abs

Want tight, sexy, champion abs with less strain and pain? Go in for this amazing machine which is a perfect fitness equipment to get astonishingly great and well-defined abs. It renders quick results for some body types while it may take some time for others to see the desired results. But for sure this will help in chiselling the body to the core.

3. Fitness Active 120 Cross Trainer

This reliable and compact device covers all the basic exercises. It offers 18 workout programmes plus 16 levels of resistance exercises. Along with this, you get a built-in fitness test in case you want to record how fast your parameters are moving.

4. Zumba Exhilarate Body Shaper Kit

Zumba exhilarate body shaping kit

Zumba beautifully blends Latin with international music. The gyrations that the music commands bring a fun element to this effective workout system. Why go to a dance and fitness studio when you can move to the numbers at home with this comprehensive kit? The kit also offers bonus toning sticks.

5. Concept2 Indoor Rower


This is an outstanding rowing machine. It’s slightly expensive but when you see that it puts in much more muscle groups to work than any other home machine, you are sure to acknowledge its extra cost. The rower burns the calories faster and is perfect for each segment, age-wise. It also offers a useful performance monitor to track your progress.

6. Pro Fitness Trampette

Pro fitness trampette

Fitness trampolines are known to improve blood circulation and thus the heart rate. Through gentle aerobics, they help in gradually lowering the blood pressure. They can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Be rest assured that your joints won’t strain while using it.

7. John Lewis Resistance Band

This simple exercise tool is easy on your pockets. It helps you tone the upper and lower body muscles, along with improving your flexibility. It wonderfully modifies other familiar exercises and it can be coolly combined with additional exercise equipment to get the desired results.

8. Pilates Kit for Athletic Conditioning Workout

Are you specifically looking for a great athletic performance with less chances of injury? Then you sure want to buy this kit. It boosts your stamina and challenges strength ushering in improved muscle coordination. In this kit, you get 1 Extra-Strength Flex-Band Exerciser, Strong & Streamlined DVD and two 2 pounds Toning Balls.

9. BOSU Integrated Balance Trainer


It balances proprioception training with core stability thus integrating all forms of exercises, especially Pilates. BOSU home models come with free Wall Charts, pump and eat plan and owner’s manual beside the regular agility training methods incorporated in it. Top up the kit with complete workout DVDs with cross training series and you pave way for a sleek, slender and equally strong body.

10. Pop-Up Kit

Dumbbells plus a medicine ball are the essentials in any exercise regime. This Pop-up kit can well serve you do Pilates in-house and even outdoors thus justifying its name. It’s easy to use and stylish package makes it highly popular with even the fussiest of people. It is apt for those with limited time and money.

You can transform the way your body feels and looks while also improving your performance with the right Pilates exercises and with the right fitness equipment for Pilates. Make sure to consult your physician before taking up a rigorous exercise program and perform the workouts under professional guidance at least until you can handle on your own. Don’t forget to read the complete instructions to make proper use of equipment too to avoid any injuries to your body and damage to the equipment.

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