5 Must-Have Home Gym Accessories

Exercising as per one’s own schedule and comfort, avoiding hefty gym membership fees, hygienic setting, and saving travel time are some of the key benefits of having your own home gym. You need not invest a fortune into it, just adding some accessories to your home gym can make it more comprehensive and effective. Here are some add-on accessories that will not only make your work-out more invigorating but also ensure your safety while exercising.

1. Ab Straps

Ab Straps function as portable equipment for abdominal workouts and are good for the home gyms that do not comprise of an abdominal station. A set of Ab Straps consists of two separate straps that hang from a bar. To work out your abdominals, you hang from the straps by placing arms through them, and bring your legs upwards towards the chest. This accessory may also help those who suffer from back pain during leg raises or crunches.

2. Chalk

If you are undergoing intensive weight training, chalk may be highly useful for you. Chalk provides extra grip support while lifting heavy weights. Its rough surface decreases the chance of bar slipping out due to sweat. Subsequently, it also prevents injuries. Not only that, a layer of chalk can also prevent the formation of tears and blisters when you go for repetitive, fast motions like kettle bell cleans and kettle bell swings.

3. Lifting Belt

Lifting belts keep your lower back steady and provide support. While lifting heavy weights, lifting belt prevents sudden, dangerous jerks that may cause any muscle cramps or injuries. Generally used while squatting, it is also used by some fitness geeks for almost every exercise. Wearing lifting belts also helps you increase your strength, power, and muscle growth. You can also buy lifting gloves or lifting straps, depending on your preferences.

4. Fitness Ball

A fitness ball can serve multiple purposes. It serves as a platform for your back during exercising with your supine position. It also helps you perform core exercises like crunches, push-ups, planks, lunges, bridging, ball squats, and hamstring curls more effectively. Before buying fitness ball, ensure that you check the height and burst resistance. While sitting on fitness ball, your knees should bend 90-degrees with feet flat on the floor.

5. Full-Length Mirror

Posture is the key to an effective workout. With full-length mirrors, you can concentrate on your posture. You can keep a check on your footwork while performing aerobics or Zumba, and maintain your form while lifting free weights. Observing your progress every day by looking into it motivates you to push harder. A mirror offers an actual feedback as you perform your exercises and suggests you if there is more room for improvement.

                      While most of these accessories can be used by everyone, it is advisable to consult your doctor or a fitness trainer before opting for any of these. While these home gym accessories help you develop your physique, they also do not cost much and do not take any space in the gym.

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