Fitness Equipment That Helps You Stay Fit

The luxury and comfort we enjoy these days pamper us to such an extent that we use machines even for the simplest of tasks making less and less use of our muscles to an extent that this non-usage invites many diseases. That is when fitness equipment barges in to rescue us. Though it’s good to join a gym and get motivated, our hectic lifestyle may not always afford the precious time to go to the gym every day. Regular usage of the home gym equipment in the right way sure helps us stay fit. Whether it is new or used fitness equipment, options to choose the right fitness equipment for the home gym are umpteen. Here are some of the best to consider.



Treadmills are the to-go havens that work towards the better functioning of your heart. A basic treadmill should suit your needs. In a manual treadmill, you create the belt movement offering challenging workouts. Powered treadmills have a motor which moves the belt. Another type is the revolving staircases, popular as step treadmills that imitate climbing the stairs. This provides a very intense workout. Consider a folding model along with wheels as it helps you set up your personal gym just anywhere within the home.



Working on the elliptical is simply wonderful when you want to burn those extra calories and build some muscles in the process. Choose the elliptical that suits best for you in terms of comfort. Ellipticals come in shapes that are absolutely friendly for the home as in they are compact and can be placed in small areas too. Some ellipticals are foldable assuring better storage – even under the bed or in a closet. Some ellipticals carry a stride similar to running or walking while others offer a circular pattern. Ensure that the stride of your elliptical is long enough to make your body feel at ease while exercising.

Exercise Bikes

These are stationary bikes that are absolute fun and highly convenient to help you with your physical activities. After a tiring day, exercise bikes give you the pleasure of exercising like no other fitness equipment. According to their varieties and the need of the fitness geeks, these fitness exercise bikes are available in different types such as recumbent, upright etc. They best suited for guys with physical limitations to use and offer a relaxed angle with their chair-like seat lessening the impact of the workout. They promote a healthy blood flow all through the body. Upright bikes offer more resistance and your heart rate rises quickly and also burning fat quickly. Closest to the regular bikes, they allow the user to even stand on pedals and put extra force while peddling.

Inversion Tables


Inversion tables increase blood circulation by opening up the joints and tendons. Any muscular or back pain is sure to get alleviated. They are also used for cardiovascular exercises. While you shop for an inversion table, look at the weight and height limits on every model. A power inversion table has a motor which flip-flops the table to an angle you want and this gives you better control and makes the table cool to use. If space is your constraint, check the portability and size of the inversion table. Some tables even fold up thus making them cool fitness equipment for easy use and storage.

         You should also focus on some of the key factors like personal motivation, space requirement, cost and quality of the equipment to name a few. But again, just buying them may not suffice. You should make fitness a habit and equipment your best friend to have that perfect body that you always wanted.

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