Basic Yoga for Beginners

Yoga is an ancient science conceived, developed and promoted by the Indian culture and is passed on to generations. Yoga is the key to physical, physiological and mental well being of a human being. This includes physical exercises, breathing exercises and techniques towards mental relaxation. Yoga helps in dealing with practically every illness in the world without hampering any other part of the body. It is a complete package with no side effects and once learned has no recurring expenses. It is a part of the Hindu culture and it relates to the karmic connection between the soul and the universe.


Things to Know by a Yoga Beginner:

  1. Yoga is a combination of science and art. Hence, it is best done under proper guidance.
  2. It has no side effects and can be trusted to be a good physical exercise.
  3. Yoga has better results than work outs or vigorous gyms as it empathizes on the over all well being of the body, but it should be followed by full sincerity.
  4. You might initially not pick up all the postures of yoga immediately, so give yourself a buffer time to learn and master the art.
  5. Yoga needs consistency, so always be punctual.
  6. Yoga asanas rejuvenate the mind, so the best time to perform yoga is early in the morning. Although you can pick the time according to your convenience.
  7. Once you pick a time, find a calm corner in the house or outdoors where you have undisturbed environment to perform yoga.
  8. Get a thin mattress or a blanket as your sheet to perform the asanas. Pick a lighter one which is easy to carry. Play on classical music or special music available that will help you concentrate. The music is also a part of the yoga therapy.
  9. Do not eat too much before doing yoga. Keep your stomach light while doing it.
  10. Team up yoga with a proper diet to have a perfect outcome.

Benefits of Yoga:

Yoga has countless benefits; some of them are listed below:

  1. Yoga deals with studied and detailed physical exercises in which various poses known as asanas are followed that prove to be an effective remedy for all the illnesses.
  2. The poses like Uttanasana, Savasana, Salamba Sirsasana etc. are a cure to insomnia/sleeplessness.
  3. The poses like Virasana, Sukhasana can be used to control hypertension/blood pressure.
  4. The Matsyasana, Setu Bandhasana and many other asanas can be practiced as a remedy to backache.
  5. There are a number of asanas to reduce muscular pain, body aches and helps in achieving better concentration.
  6. Different asanas also help in recovering lost appetite and improving the digestion system.
  7. Yoga, if practiced under proper guidance and consistency can help reduce weight and gain a perfect body with a good posture. Yoga helps your body to become more flexible.
  8. The regular practice of yoga enhances the breathing movement and helps to build immunity.
  9. Yoga has a magical way to employ brain with good thoughts and flush out the negativity ushering in peace of mind and sanity.
  10. Yoga is thus not only necessary for physical fitness, but also grants unmatchable calmness to the soul.

Safety and Precautions While Performing Yoga:

  • The main caution to be followed is to avoid practicing yoga without a proper guide. If you go wrong in any of the poses, you might end of hurting some or the other body part.
  • Have a light short meal like a fruit and a glass of water or coconut water before performing yoga. If you are full, the poses might make you throw up or invoke a motion in your digestion system.
  • Have patience. Yoga is an art that needs patience, so performing yoga for long hours isn’t going to show fast results. Perform yoga for a prescribed time period and go on increasing it day after day.
  • Do not overdo. If you perform the Yoga asanas vigorously, it will create a serious muscular pain.
  • As a beginner, Yoga will make you feel exhausted and might also induce slight muscular pain. Once your body is accustomed to Yoga, you will get rid of the pain and will start enjoying it.
  • Trust Yoga, as it is not just about physical exercise, but also mental well being, be positive and feel the change!

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