Top 10 Stress Busters

The term “Stress” is very often equated with the word damage. However, some amount of stress is necessary to bring out effective results. Stress gets into an unwanted zone when it overwhelmingly goes on to interrupt the healthy state of mind. That is when it needs regulation. For many among us, relieving stress means couching in front of the idiot box. But remember, a human body is a miraculous engine that is capable of taking care of itself. It is adept at regulating its stress levels without taking much of external help. No doubt that stress has become the norm of contemporary life. Knowing how to combat it effectively- mainly from within and with less minimal assistance from external factors – is the mantra to utilize stress in a positive way.

Here are some doable techniques to combat stress

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises

Have you observed that when you get stressed, your breathing gets a bit rapid? So, breath control means your stress levels’ control. Sit upright and concentrate on your breaths. Inhale air through one nostril while closing the other. Now open the closed nostril and exhale from that end while closing the nostril from which you had inhaled. Now practice it vice-versa. Do this 15 times and you see an amazing result.

Pen your Thoughts

If getting upset with someone has increased your stress levels, first talk to yourself rather than react. Pen down your agitated thoughts. This great technique helps to release your emotions without incurring trouble. Once you have finished writing, just crumble that paper and throw it in the trash bin. You will feel much lighter emotionally. This habit also cultivates in you the habit of letting go which is a necessity to live in today’s grudge-filled world.

Listen To Music

Listen to music

Whether you are inclined to music or not, try tuning your auditory senses to listening to soft music. Instrumental music is preferred as it has a much more soothing effect on the listener. At the end of the session, you are left with elevated positive feelings.

Visualized Meditation

Visualised meditation

Do you love to be amidst nature? You do not need to go to a park, be near a lake or at the waterfalls. Just visualize your favorite scenario and you will find yourself surrounded by humming birds and greenery. For some time, you have transported yourself into a peaceful world and that time is utilized fruitfully to balance your stress planes.



This is a go-getter to help build higher resilience towards stress over a period of time. Meditation means focusing your thoughts on your breaths. This act steers the brain to enter the area of functioning similary to that of sleep. Meditation has proven benefits to manage stress.

Of Pets and Plants

Pets stress

Playing with your pet is a great way to relieve your work and other life-related anxieties. The act by itself ushers in a lot of positivity towards life. Do you enjoy gardening? Then go water the plants. Just being in their company makes you feel so very positive that for some time your transportation to a green world will dissipate your worries.



Stretching your muscles is not only beneficial to control your weight but also to release stress through your stretched muscles. Another way is progressive muscle relaxation wherein you concentrate on every muscle of your body one by one and relieve your body of the stress toxins.



Seeing your house or your workplace in a mess also adds to your stress levels. Take time out of your busy schedule and organize your area of focus. You will see a marked difference in your stress levels.



Sex is a great stress reliever. Unfortunately, people do not have sex when they are stressed. Kissing and fondling by your partner make you feel wanted and you are better charged on emotional heights that help balance your stress levels.

Join Religious Groups

Religious groups stress

There is something about religious congregations that start with a mass prayer and chants. The collective positivity that is oozed in these gatherings is strong enough to elevate the mental faculties and charge a person to stay positive thus nullifying the effects of stress.

          Finally, waking up with a sense of gratitude towards God beats all these forms, as it is sure to emanate from a heart that is capable of keeping stress at bay.

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