Yoga Benefits for Arthritis

Yoga focuses on unifying the body, the mind, and the spirit. It is a meaningful and enjoyable alternative to the more traditional forms of exercises like aerobics, and offers several benefits including reduced stress and anxiety, increased positive feelings and emotions, and many others. Yoga helps provide vital physical and physiological health benefits to arthritis patients. Regular yoga can reduce pain, lower stress levels, increase flexibility, and improve function. Here are some ways yoga improves your health.

Builds Muscle Strength and Improves Balance

Many of us do not exercising enough, let alone arthritic patients who fear exercising due to its association with pain. Yoga comes as a rescue here and offers a gentle way to exercise this reducing tension and improving joint flexibility. Yoga enhances pain management that helps build muscle strength. Stretching exercises help improve the range of motion, which leads to control of balance in the body.

Alleviates Lower Back Pain

Yoga offers movement and stretching that can be extremely beneficial for reducing the intensity of lower back pain associated with arthritis. An exercise like Sun Salutation where you connect movement to breath, one movement per breath, improves flexibility and gently stretches the spine, which is both calming and relaxing. The deep, diaphragmic breathing helps to improve chest expansion which supports the posture.

Improves Physical Function

Arthritic patients who practice yoga regularly see significant improvement in their physical functions. Yoga has an immediate positive impact on arthritic patients. The pain may not lessen dramatically but they are able to get through their daily activities much more effectively and gain more energy that keeps them going for longer. They feel more relaxed with reduced levels of anxiety.

Yoga Has Psychological Benefits

With yoga, arthritic patients gain confidence in their ability to exercise. They feel more in touch with their physical abilities of being able to listen to their bodies better. They consider themselves to be more capable of trying out newer, different kinds of activities. Yoga offers considerable psychological benefits by giving patients more confidence in themselves and their relationships with their bodies.

Increases Mental Energy

Yoga is associated with positive feelings. Regular yoga leads to alertness and enthusiasm. There are fewer somatic complaints and lessened negative feelings like aggressiveness and anxiety. With a painful disease like arthritis, the mind-boosting impact of yoga is a big plus since it really helps in managing stress. Yoga helps in calming and quieting the body by removing muscle tension.

                                    Yoga can also be modified in several different ways to protect the joints and be adapted to the specific needs of the patient. It helps arthritic patients to stay at a healthy weight and gain strength which takes pressure off the joints.

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