How to Avoid Weight Gain While Traveling

A carefree spirit, an adventurous voyage, a delightful heart and all exciting plans – these words apparently define our vacations. But, if you are more diet conscious, a not-so-exciting feature has to be added to your list – Avoiding weight gain! It’s true that vacation is not the time to lose weight, but it doesn’t have to put on those extra pounds either. Here are few tips that will certainly help you maintain your weight during vacations.


Start planning ahead

Vacations are an opportunity to refresh and relax, not an escape from your fitness regime. Remember that you can select places which can be a ticket to enjoying extra calories with lots of physical activities to avoid weight gain. For example, visit places where you can ride bikes, take hikes or walks or do some adventure sports before or after you savour the local delicacies.

Look for Healthier Options in the Local Menu

Each location has its own cuisine specialties, and you must indulge into them. You can enjoy the local tastes by being selective while placing orders. Look for the details, and make sure that you avoid creams, rich gravies, and other fat-rich cuisines. If the local specialty has fat-rich ingredients; order only a small quantity of it.

Be Ready with Your Healthy Food

The thought of eating healthy can easily be abandoned when on vacation. To avoid that to happen, keep your healthy food ready to satiate your hunger pangs. Pack easy and filling snacks, like tomato and cucumber on whole-grain bread, fruits and cut veggies, hummus with multi-grain bread, or sandwiches with lettuce and capsicum. Try to stick to your eating schedule, so that you are not tempted to eat high-calorie treats or snacks.

Pack Snacks for Your Transit and Stay

You can keep items like nuts, single-serve containers of fruits, seeds, trail mix, cereal, dried fruit, and low-fat crackers, popcorn, granola or cereal bars, peanut butter, and rice or popcorn cakes to munch on your journey. In addition to being healthy, they satiate your hunger pangs and give a feeling of fullness. For most of these snacks, you don’t even need a refrigerator, so they are easy to store and keep on hand wherever you go.

Rent a House Equipped with Kitchen

Instead of staying in a hotle, renting an holiday apartment can benefit in more ways than one. The kitchen will allow you to cook whatever you want and stay healthy on your trip. You can prepare your morning breakfast and meals with as much health considerations as you want. Healthier ingredients like hummus, whole-wheat bread, low-fat cheese, vegetables, skimmed milk, and others are available everywhere and can be bought from any local stores.

Indulge in some fat-burning stuff

Most of us prefer chilling out on the beach but it does a lot of harm than good to our health. Spending all the time lounging around makes us lazy and negatively affects the metabolism that is a primary reason for travel weight gain among many. While its true that vacations are meant for fun, indulge in activities that are effective in burning some calories while you enjoy your trip. For example, an hour on a jet skiing is not so strenuous and helps in staying fit while providing all the crazy holiday fun. Strolling in the evening sun, hiking and participating in a beach volleyball game  are all  fun and healthy activities compared to getting glued in front of the TV at your hotel.

                         Don’t make it too difficult to follow your diet plan. After all, you are on a vacation, not a fitness trip. So, avoid deprivation and enjoy your trip a little. There’s no reason to push yourself too hard. Try to be flexible and indulge yourself in a healthy vacation that doesn’t undo all your hard work at the home.

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