Easy Weight Loss Tips for Women

Weight has always been a hot topic of discussion and attracts much attention, especially among women. This is not without reason. It’s scientifically proven that women tend to gain weight faster than men. Shedding weight in women is a humongous task when compared with men who want to lose weight. Oftentimes, pressed for social scenarios, women tend to go on weird starvation plans or bizarre supplements or even cut down entire food groups. All this does not necessarily result in weight loss but surely can complicate the system. Weight gain is a factor of not just unhealthy eating but also of unhealthy lifestyle. Control these factors, make a healthy, yet easy choice and see your body get in shape within a short time.

Drink More Water

Drink water

When you want to quench your thirst, don’t feel tempted to grab an energy drink or sports drink or a smoothie or any such beverage. Each serving adds up to 100 calories or gets high on carbohydrates or sodium which is just not affordable for your weight loss program. These trick your body to retain water and puff you out. Water is the best fluid – no calories, zero carbs with little or no sodium. All these properties make it a perfect, slim-down drink. The best part about water is that it flushes excess water and gets your metabolism revved up.

30 Minutes to Cardio

Women cardio

Cardio exercise employs several muscles and helps use more calories. Ensure that you get enough of cardio kickboxing, spinning and boot-camp workouts. Dedicate 30 minutes to cardio exercises and torch approximately 200 to 300 calories. There is a double advantage – your arms and legs get toned and you appear sleeker and trimmer. When going the cardio way, consider interval training which is alternating small bursts of powerful cardio with relaxed activity. This helps you burn more calories in each session.

Check Your Eating Out Order

Today’s lifestyle necessitates dining out more than five times a week! Have you ever tried to find out that this simple act is demoniac enough to invite many more calories? Just promise yourself that you will not eat out more than once a week. This simple deed is absolutely powerful. It equips you to fight as much as 20 pounds a month. Again, check on the calories in what you order. For instance, how about eating a grilled chicken salad as an alternative to a large bowl of pasta? Also, check the menu before you go as all the restaurants have an online menu. This will help you in ordering healthy dishes like grilled items, veg sides and salads.

Cut on Salt

Eat Less Salt

Lose up to 5 pounds in a week once you have eliminated all salty foods from your platter. Salt is notoriously known to hold water. Taking an oath to cut on salt helps you cut on junk and fatty foods. Thus your intake of carbohydrates and sugars will have considerably reduced. This again helps you lose water weight. Besides, your sticking to a low salt diet will help you choose only lower calorie foods. Now your weighing scale is sure to smile back at you with good results.

30 Minutes Extra in Bed

Woman Sleeping

While everyone recommends 8 hours sleep a day, most of us hardly get 5-6 hours to sleep due to today’s lifestyle. Whether you fall asleep for 5 or 8 hours, just lie down for an extra hour or least half an hour, if time permits, rather than get up and start with your daily chores. This method is more of a mind mapping technique than simply following a diet plan. It is highly effective in controlling your day and is a very powerful technique that will mentally map your day.

You decide on the choices to make in the day ahead that will curb your cravings and remind you of the routine keeping a check on your weight. Visualizing, too, has a telling effect on the human psyche and when filled with positive thoughts, can take you closer to your weight goal.

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