Weight Loss Exercises for Women

Many women go for exercises to lose weight because they think it makes them look good. But, a more important aspect to weight loss is to maintain a healthy weight to save you from life threatening diseases. Obesity gives rise to many ailments which can be very well avoided if we take care of our weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle and remain active. Losing weight is not as daunting as it seems, but, yes, one has to be a little more disciplined and must keep a watch on what one is eating. Ultimately, we are what we eat. Weight loss is all about creating a calorie deficit, means, the amount of calorie we intake, we must burn more calories than that. That will help any obese woman to lose weight effectively. Here is a rundown of some of the weight loss exercises for women that are known to work wonders.



This is by far the best exercise to lose weight. This is also recommended by the doctors. But, it must be brisk walking and not simply taking a stroll. Buy a pair of good walking shoes and take a brisk walk for 1 hr daily. It tones the leg muscles and keeps the joints flexible. It is advisable that you must go alone and not in a group as simple chit chat can distract your attention and the real purpose will be lost.



Swimming is another good whole body exercise. Get enrolled yourself at a health club where you will get trainers to help you out in case you do not know swimming. Swimming burns calories faster and also tones up body muscles.



Cycling is full of fun unlike other exercises. One can go out to enjoy fresh air and bright sun shine and still get enough exercise done to lose weight. People who avoid heavy exercises as these put enormous pressures on joints can safely choose cycling as an alternative.



Go for jogging early morning as the pollution level in air is minimum at that time. Jogging not only helps you to lose weight but, also keeps your mind fresh and active throughout the day. It also helps in improving the digestive system.


skippingThis is an exercise which helps to tone up your whole body. This is an excellent exercise for your heart and increases body metabolism. It helps in preventing osteoporosis and builds healthy bones and muscles.



This is a very good exercise to bring flexibility to your joints. Early morning stretching exercises help beat stiffness in your limbs and make these agile and active. This is an exercise which makes body agile and supple.

            All these exercises are pretty effective in burning calories and thereby lose weight. At the beginning it was mentioned that what we are is what we eat. Therefore, it is very important to keep a watch on the amount and quantity of food that is taken. Food must be healthy and easily digestible. Care must be taken to include green, leafy vegetables in your meals and one should stay away from refined sugar, fried food and aerated drinks. Exercise can do wonders for your health. It brings a healthy glow to your skin too. So go for it!

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