How to Lose Belly Fat Fast

Many people are ashamed of their belly fat looking only from their perspective of appearance. But then it’s not just the look that should bother you as there is more to it. Apart from tampering with your outfit, belly fat welcomes unwanted health troubles too. There is this visceral fat that produces stress hormones such as cortisol and inflammatory constituents like cytokines which control the body’s insulin production. When this fat expands in the abdomen settling deep amidst your organs, it plays with your body’s balancing act and creates havoc. You won’t even realise how this ugly belly fat has increased your chances of contracting type 2 diabetes along with many heart-related problems. To effectively handle the belly fat and smoother it, keep the following things in mind.

Keep Moving

Keep moving

Sedentary jobs are best known to pile up the visceral fats under your belly. So, don’t sit for long hours at one place. If you have any questions regarding your work, get your bum out of the chair and go talk to your team mate rather than shoot an email. You solve your problem in person as well as stop the belly fats from making room in your abdomen. A pure win-win situation, isn’t it?

Exercise Regularly


Even if you look slim otherwise but have a belly fat, push yourself to pick up an exercise routine such as jogging, swimming or cycling. Vaporise your calories and increase your heart rate. Vigorous workout trims your fat. Even brisk walks that make you sweat profusely and make you breathe harder are good for increasing your heart rate. If you are pressed for time, squeeze at least 30 minutes a day for a moderate activity.

Get a Fibre-rich Diet

Fibre rich food

There is no special diet for belly fat. Now this is bad as well as good news. The reason of it turning good is that when you are on the wagon to lose weight on just any diet, the first fat that goes out is the belly fat. Eat a rich fibrous diet, it sure helps. Change your dietary habits. Get a minimum of 10gms soluble fibre daily. With no other dietary changes, this small act will help build less visceral fat than others over time.

Eat Loads of Protein

Protein rich food

Protein is the king of a dieting plate. As you age, your muscles and fat cells don’t respond to it properly. Thus your body starts producing extra insulin. Insulin is a big promoter of fat storage, specifically around the belly. A protein-rich diet protects you against insulin and thus keeps you away from fat deposits under your abdomen.

Sleep Well

Sleep well

The term ‘fat’ brings only vivid pictures of exercise and diet. Sleep – one of the most important ingredients for good health – is often neglected. Get the right amount of sleep and see the overall difference that it brings to your health including your abdominal fat. Insufficient sleep causes hormonal shifts which in turn boost hunger and appetite – specifically for fat-laden diet like super-sized fries and jelly-filled donuts. So get those beneficial 7-8 hours of night sleep and check on your waist size.

                 There is one more factor that you should consider while trying to shrink your waist line. Acknowledge that stress is an integral part of life. Don’t make it a larger than life thing and get your stress busters on the go. Manage stress well along with the above factors and you are sure to keep your belly fats well in control.

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