How Walking Benefits Weight Loss

Think weight loss and many people rush to nutritionists and dieticians. Though this is one of the highly important steps to lose weight, it is not the end. Reason being the results of dieting could be temporary. Most people get tempted when they see their favourite desserts or carb rich foods placed in front of them. This is true especially during festivals and the wedding season as a small temptation could ruin the entire weight loss plan. There is another fool-proof method of losing weight – Walking! Yes, we are not talking of following a heavy exercise regime or taking the expensive gym memberships. It is the humble walk that can go a long way to help you get rid of the extra fats. Below are the ways in which walking helps in weight reduction.


Burning Extra Calories

When you plan your walking schedule, please get this fact clear: Walking for weight loss is NOT synonymous to ambling. You have a definite purpose to ‘walk’. So don’t start the walk as if you are window-shopping. Again, don’t try to become a pro in a day. Start the walk at a pace where you find it slightly uneasy and then start increasing your speed on a daily basis. Walking sure burns good loads of calories depending on how long you walk. You are sure to see a difference by the end of 6 weeks provided you are a regular walker.

Fighting Depression

A depressed mind houses a physically weak body. Whatever little calories get consumed get easily absorbed by an unhealthy body. When you start the walk, the first thing that you achieve is the dedicated ‘me’ time. That is absolutely important for the mind to exercise itself and get the problems sorted out. In fact, many questions that are left unanswered get solved when we are walking as there is a silent soliloquy that could get established when we are walking. Once the mind successfully comes out of depression, there is no way of unwanted binging and mounting unwanted fats.

Improved Physical Function

Each and every muscle and ligament of your body works when you walk. Again, walking is a combined action of all the body parts coordinating well with one another. Walking need not always be on a straight path. You can choose to climb 400-500 stairs a day. This is a good enough exercise to burn the extra calories. Here, your joints, hips, knees and ankles all work in tandem. The more you use your body parts, the better they perform. This improved functioning is enough to ward off extra pounds of fat that might have accumulated otherwise.

Improving Alertness of Mind

When we are mired with various thoughts – most of which are carried home from office – we tend to binge on whatever comes our way. Again, not going out for a walk means that we prefer a sedentary lifestyle that invites hordes of troubles. An alert mind can distinguish the right foods from the wrong ones. Cortisol, the stress hormone stays in balanced levels when we have walked for a reasonably long time. It imparts the right messages on eating and naturally, we get cautioned when picking up wrong foods.

Nullifies Crash Dieting

Many of us go on a dieting spree without consulting a dietician. Not all body types support a common diet loss programme. The results are increased weight rather than a desired effect. This can have a telling effect on the body in the long run. But for someone who has incorporated walking in his lifestyle, these dietary fluctuations would not matter much. The regular walks taken ensure that the side effects of crash dieting are balanced. So the harm that the body would have got subjected to, in the absence of any other form of exercise like walk, gets minimised.

              Don’t wait for another day to get fit. Just pick up your sports shoes and get, set, go on a great walk that leaves you fit and feeling refreshed.

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